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Mercy Starts With Me

Forgiving others is hard. We all know it, and I think it’s unrealistic to pretend that we don’t all struggle with forgiving people who have hurt us (especially if that hurt is deep). But for... Read More
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Jesus in the Foyer

Reverence is a funny thing. It comes in many shapes and forms. As a Catholic, I have heard from certain, more conservative, members of the Church that there is only one way to be reverent.... Read More
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Dancing in the Streets

This post was written on Saturday 23/7.  I apologise for the lack of posting; I have had less time than I thought I would.  I’m going to try to post more regularly but also let’s... Read More
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Pilgrims, Not Tourists

If you’ve been on a pilgrim before, you’ve possible heard the excellent Pilgrim’s Prayer, which often becomes a catch-cry as pilgrimages go on. “We are pilgrims, not tourists.” In between having amazing experiences with fellow... Read More
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Who is My Neighbour?

Note: This blog post was written yesterday (Sunday 10/7) but due to technical issues I didn’t get it uploaded until today.   They say never talk sex, politics, or religion in polite company.  Well, this... Read More

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